The 3% Movement

Selena Davant
November 19, 2020
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The Challenge

In the fast-paced advertising world, where diversity and inclusion have become crucial topics, The 3% Movement has been and is a driving force dedicated to promoting diversity, uplifting marginalized voices, and inspiring change within the advertising industry. In late 2021, they faced the challenge of solidifying their role as a catalyst for change online and offline. But The 3% Movement's mission remained clear – to create a more inclusive advertising world for women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and individuals experiencing disabilities. They needed a comprehensive content strategy and execution to reflect their influence and significantly boost engagement.

The Solution

We developed a content strategy centered around four guiding principles:

  • Open Conversations: Initiating and leading discussions on critical diversity and inclusion topics to foster meaningful dialogues within the advertising community.
  • Uplifting Marginalized Leaders: Recognizing the importance of spotlighting the achievements and contributions of underrepresented leaders in advertising.
  • Promoting the Conference: Developing content that engaged the audience and highlighted the event's significance.
  • Reinforcing the 3% as a Thought Leader: Positioning them as pioneers of change in the industry.

To bring this strategy to life, I managed a team of 5 creatives to curate, write, and design branded assets, thought-provoking articles, and newsletters.

Key Results

Our partnership with the 3% Movement resulted in significant achievements:

  • Instagram: Within the first six months of 2021, we achieved a total of 125,000 impressions, marking a remarkable 362% increase, and attracting over 400 new followers.
  • Facebook: We garnered 217,000 impressions, showcasing a remarkable 595% increase, and engaged nearly 4,000 users, demonstrating a substantial 184% increase. We received over 7,000 likes on Facebook.
  • Twitter: We achieved a staggering 675,600 impressions, garnered 4,000 likes, and received nearly 500 retweets.
  • 2021 Conference: During the two-day conference in Atlanta, our content creation efforts yielded impressive results, including over 80,000 impressions and 2,011 engagements on Twitter, as well as 43 link clicks.
  • Overall Impact: We helped the 3% create a holistic and authentic digital presence, making a remarkable impact on brand visibility and engagement. Within a year and across all platforms, we achieved a total of 1,017,600 impressions and 16,411 engagements, reaching 102,000 accounts.
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