Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW)

Selena Davant
November 29, 2021
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The Challenge

RBW, an award-winning independent design and manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, NY, aspired to craft a visually captivating vignette showcasing their collaboration with MAFIA, a sustainable bag and backpack brand renowned for upcycling sails in their product design. The challenge was to adeptly convey the essence of this collaboration through a compelling 3-minute video vignette, highlighting their products, shared ethos, and the scenic backdrop of San Francisco, CA, all based on a storyboard provided by RBW.

The Solution

Made in Color stepped in as the local partner and producer for RBW, leading the charge in bringing this project to life. We provided unwavering support across all production stages, serving as the local eyes for RBW. Our responsibilities encompassed location scouting, development of the shot list, and facilitation during on-set activities, meticulously translating the initial vision into a comprehensive and actionable plan.

Key Results

In just five weeks of pre-production, we successfully assembled a hyperlocal video production team, comprising three highly skilled creatives: a director of photography, 1st AC, and a behind-the-scenes (BTS) photographer. Collaboratively, we materialized a new episode of "Shop Talks with MAFIA," a captivating 3-minute video vignette. This achievement was accomplished in just two days of shooting and has since become the most-watched video in the RBW Shop Talk series, amassing close to 3,000 views on Vimeo.

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