The Moxy Oakland

Selena Davant
February 6, 2023
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The Challenge

The Moxy Oakland needed assistance with producing a month-long activation in their main lobby to celebrate Black History Month and capture the vibrant spirit of Oakland. With less than 6 weeks to spare, we faced the challenge of increasing Moxy's brand awareness, boosting bar sales, and providing visitors with an enjoyable and talk-worthy experience.

The Solution

"We The Future," an immersive installation designed by Jena Pruit and myself, emerged as our creative answer. It served as a compelling reminder that the keys to our most ambitious aspirations are well within our reach. At the heart of this immersive experience was a centerpiece featuring vintage keys suspended 40 ft high, complemented by two signature cocktails, "Made Powerful" and "Made Exceptional," featured on the Moxy Oakland's menu. To cap off this incredible journey, we hosted a Creative Symposium where emerging Oakland's Legends shared insights, motivation, and inspiration, all aimed at unlocking a creative and powerful future.

Key Results

Our collaboration with The Moxy Oakland resulted in remarkable outcomes:

  • Over 5,000 guests flocked to the Moxy Oakland throughout the month, immersing themselves in the 'We The Future' experience.
  • Our signature cocktails contributed to over $3,000 in additional bar sales for the month, marking a 30% increase.
  • The Creative Symposium was a sold-out show with 110 attendees.

"We The Future" at The Moxy Oakland was not just an art installation; it was a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and the boundless potential within us all.

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